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Blue Jay Camper Rentals Florida wants to thank you for renting with us. We promise we will strive to do our best to help you enjoy your camping experience. The term “you” refers to the Renter signing below and the term “Us” or “we” refers to Blue Jay Camper Rentals.  Our rental terms and conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions


 1. Rental Period:

There is a two‐night minimum on all rentals. You can rent for 1 day but will be charged for 2 days. Our website is set up for Delivery time 2 PM on your scheduled date and Camper pick-up 10 am on your scheduled date. Delivery and pickup times may differ depending on campground or if arrangements have been made with the renter. Please remember that other guests may be waiting for the vehicle so please be out on time.. Please text us if you are going to leave early. If you return the camper prior to the pick-up date of contract there will be no refund. We are on a tight schedule so please vacate the camper on time. There is a $25.00 fee for every 15 minutes we have to wait for you to vacate the camper. If you wish to extend the rental period, you must call or text us at 727-277-1844 and if the camper is available we will add the extra nights to your account and we will send you an invoice that you must pay prior to the extra nights.

2. Reservation Deposit:

There is a minimum of $100.00 security deposit due upon reservation.  This deposit will come off your camper rental cost.

3. Cancellation Policy:

  • If cancellation occurs between the reservation booking date and 30 days prior to departure – $100.00 Full Reservation Refund
  • Cancellation occurs between 15-29 days prior to departure  ‐ $50.00 of the Reservation Deposit will be refunded.
  • The cancellation occurs between 14 days prior to departure or a no show –  $100.00 Reservation deposit will not be refunded

We understand things happen. So if steps b or c above applies to you and you decide to rent from us again we will credit you for the $50.00 that you can use towards your next camper balance.

4. Security Deposit:

There is a $300.00 security deposit that is due 2 weeks prior to your rental delivery date. Return of the security deposit will be within 7 days of your last rental day. This security deposit covers the cost in the event there are missing or damaged items inside or damages to the outside of the camper during your stay. If the cost of repair or missing items is more than the amount of the security deposit. Then you are responsible for the cost of repair above the amount of the security deposit. 

If you are one of our trusted return customers. We may not require a $300.00 security deposit at the time of delivery. You are still responsible for the cost of repair and or replacement of missing or damaged items. Cost for these items must pay on demand.

5. Before vacating the camper:

Please return the camper in good condition by doing the following:

a. Wash, dry and put away dishes.

b. Leave the bedding on the beds and put towels in the bathtub.

c. The camper should swept out and free of garbage

d. Please leave the toilet descent

e. Outside camp chairs, tables, grills,  should be clean and dry. Do not leave items out in the rain. 

f. During high winds close canopy. High winds and heavy rain will damage the canopy so be sure before you leave the campsite for the  day or before you go to bed to either lower the canopy or in case of pending storm take the canopy down. Very easy for two people to set up and take down. If damage you will be charged up to $1200.00. for a replacement of damaged canopy.

         G. Make sure you lock the camper before leaving. You are responsible for the camper and  everything we have included with your camper rental.

Prohibited Uses

The following acts and/or uses are prohibited and constitute a breach of this Agreement. Are subject, but not limited to, forfeiture of the security deposit.

Repossession of the camper without legal process, and/or legal action:

a) The unauthorized towing, moving or other prohibited use of the camper

b) Accessing or walking on the roof of the trailer

c) Subletting is not permitted 

d) Not complying with all campground rules and regulations, or State or Federal laws.


6. Prohibited Uses:

  2. You can not let someone else use the camper in your place
  3. NO SMOKING IN OUR CAMPER. We do not allow smoking in our campers. Do Not Smoke anything in the camper. That includes  but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, weed, use of bongs, pipes, vaping etc. Smoking in the campers will result in a $1500.00 excessive cleaning fee.
  4. Do Not Burn Incense or candles or Febreze in the camper. If using hair spray, perfumes or cologne please apply then in the bathroom only. Our next renter may have allergies. You must return the camper odor free.
  5. Do not use deep fryers inside the camper (Its not safe)
  6. Please do not grill your food within 5 feet of the camper.
  7. Do not move the camper slide-out in or out 
  8. Camper awning: If its not to windy, will have the awning opened and tied down when you arrive. If think the wind or rain is going to do any damage to the awning you must close it. If you don’t know how to close the awning. Please call 727‐277‐1844 and we will walk you through the steps to safely close the awning.  You are fully responsible for any repair to, or replacement of, the awning.
  9. Do not hang, tape or attach anything to camper and awning.
  10. Please do Not Pour Grease down sinks or in toilet (It will clog)
  11. You’re responsible for stains that incur to our linens, towels and pillows and must pay the cost to replace them.
  12. Bunk Bed mattresses are to remain inside the camper, they are not for tent use. $100.00 fine if returned damaged, wet or stained
  13. Do not return our Pots and Pans burnt or blackened. There is a $20.00 replacement fee.


Propane Usage Terms 

7. Propane Usage Terms :

Rental includes up to two full 30 lb. propane tanks. Switching tanks before first tank is empty will result in a $30.00 refill fee. Do not remove or disconnect our propane tanks from the camper for your use. We do rent out 20 lb. propane tanks if needed.


Pet Policy:

8. Our Pet Policy:

Up to two Pets (dogs only) Must be under 25 lbs. We do not allow any other types of pets. The camper is to be returned the same way renter received it, free of pet fur and pet odor.

Larger dog must get pre-approval from Jodi the owner of Blue Jay Camper Rentals

If your pet does any damage to the camper. Evidence thereof to remove pet fur and odor from our mattresses and cushions. Will result in the forfeiture of your entire Pet Security Deposit.

If the damage is in excess of the amount of the pet security deposit. You are responsible for the cost of repair above the amount of the pet security deposit. 

Assessing and appraising this damage may delay return of your pet security deposit.

 If you are one of our trusted customers. We may not require a $100.00 pet security deposit. You are responsible for the cost of repair. Cost for these items must be pay on demand.

If you do add a dog to your camper rental

We will include a vacuum, sticky tape and seat covers. These will help you with keeping the camper clean of pet fur.


  1. Your pet’s shot’s must be current and gets monthly flea treatments
  2. NEVER leave a pet unattended in the camper. If an employee from the Campground or Park has to call us for excessive barking. And we are asked to come out and remove the camper. Will result in the forfeiture of your entire Pet Security Deposit and forfeit any remaining days.
  3. Clean your pet crate before arriving. No crates with a barn smell allowed inside the camper.


9. Pests:

Our campers are pest free. You will be responsible for any fees associated with extermination of pests.

10. Lost and Found:

We will notify you of any items left in the camper. We charge $10.00 plus shipping to mail them back to you.

11. Drugs & Firearms:

Any drugs or firearms found in vehicle will be removed by a law enforcement officer and may not be returned.

12. Renter Damage:

If the camper and or the contents in the camper are damaged during your rental period. You are responsible to pay all damage costs. Whether you were at fault or not. Or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). If an accident occurs. You are responsible for obtaining a police report, contacting the other party’s insurance company. And contacting us immediately at (727) 277‐1844. At check out, Blue Jay Camper Rentals will estimate the damage, if any, and expedite the cleaning and/or repair.


Renter agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the property by Renter or Renters guests. Including, but not limited to, damage to the camper in anyway. Or damage to any appliances and or equipment furnished, Including outdoor chairs 

14. Hurricane or Flooding:

The camper is to remain at the campsite for the duration of the rental. Unless management deems it necessary to move the camper such as a hurricane or potential flooding. If we have to pickup camper early or cancel your rental due to a hurricane or potential flooding you will be refunded for the remaining days within 21 days of cancellation.



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