Camp Stove 3 Burner


Camp Stove 3 Burner Propane 

One 1 lb Propane Cylinder Included

Average usage is 1/2 cylinder per meal

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Camp Stove 3 Burner Propane 

Camp Stove 3 Burner Comes with one disposable 1 lb. Propane Cylinder.

This portable table top stove has 3 burners that are independently adjustable.

Additional Propane Cylinders available

  • The wind block panels help protect burners from wind and double as side trays when not in use
  • The 3 burners are independently adjustable which is a luxury you won’t want to live without
  • The even temperature burner technology provides even cooking throughout your food
  • The removable grate and alluminized cook top are easy to clean
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 26″ x 6″ x 19″


We also offer 20 lb. propane tank.

Let us pick up your groceries for you.


There nothing better then arriving at your campsite with the camper all set up, awning out, fridge cold, air on, and the beds made.


We also offer Propane camp griddle

Add A Propane Camp Griddle To Your Camper Rental 




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