Bike Ladies 26″ Hyper Beach Cruiser


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Bike Ladies 26″ Hyper Beach Cruiser

1 Speed Beach Cruiser

Women & Girls Cruiser Bike fun for exploring the campground and park



  • 26″ Hyper Women’s Cruiser Bike
  • Age range: 13 years and up
  • Ideal Rider Height: 5’0″ to 5’10”
  • Brakes: 1-speed Easy to use pedal backwards coaster braking
  • Handlebar: Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips
  • Fenders: front and rear fenders keep you dry
  • Seat: Comfortably padded spring saddle
  • Frame Size 26″
  • Can support maximum weight of 250 lbs
  • The everyday rider, and even the rider who hasn’t ridden in years, will feel confident riding this Cruiser



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