Our Top Most Asked Camper Rental Questions

Are you licensed and insured and How long have you been in business?

Yes   We are licensed and insured.

We have been in business since 2012

My sister and I own and run the business. We also clean the campers ourselves so we can keep them in tip top shape. We clean the camper inside and out between every rental.

Can I tow the camper with my vehicle?

We do not let anyone tow our campers.

We deliver and set the camper up for you.

Do I make my campsite reservations?

Yes you do. The campgrounds will not let us reserve the campsite for you.

But they will let us in to deliver the camper for you.

Do I have to be there when you deliver the camper?

No you don’t. But if you have never used a camper we can set up a time to meet for a walk through.

Or you can call us anytime if you have any questions.


Will the camper be set up when I arrive at the campsite?

Yes it will. The camper will have the air on, water hooked up, the fridge cold and the beds made. The camper awning will be open and tied down. 

Do I empty the grey and black water Tanks

We will empty them when we pick up the camper.

It takes 2 people 6 days to fill the toilet (black water). 

The shower and sinks (grey water) will fill up after 3 showers. We will have a portable tank that you can haul to the parks dump station using the ball on your vehicle.

Do I have to clean camper before I leave on the last day?

No, We just ask the you wash, dry and put away the dishes.

Remove any garbage and put wet towels in shower.

You can leave the bedding where its at.

Do I have to wait for you before I leave on the last day?


You can leave anytime you want prior to the pick-up time. We just ask that if you leave early to text us so we can come and get the camper.

 Can I keep the camper an extra day?

You must call us to make sure that the camper is not rented out for that day and that we are available to pick the camper up on that day.


Can I bring my pet(s) ?

Pet Policy: Up to two Pets (dogs only)

Must be under 25 lbs. | $33.30 per dog 

The  camper must be returned in the same condition renter received it, free of pet hair and pet odor. 

Can I smoke inside the RV?

Smoking is strictly prohibited. We do not allow smoking in our campers. No Smoking anything in the camper including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, weed, use of bongs, pipes etc. No Vaping. Smoking in the campers will result in a $1500.00 excessive cleaning fee.

What runs on propane in the camper?

The stove and oven

The water heater (you can shut off the water heater when not using it by a button in the bathroom. Only takes 10 minutes to heat back up.)

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If cancellation occurs between the reservation booking date and 30 days prior to departure – $100.00 Full Reservation Refund. Cancellation occurs between 15-29 days prior to departure ‐ $50.00 of the Reservation Deposit will be refunded.
The cancellation occurs between 14 days prior to departure or a no show – $100.00 Reservation deposit will not be refunded. We understand things happen. So if steps b or c above applies to you and you decide to rent from us again we will credit you for the $50.00 that you can use towards your next camper balance.

Hurricane or Flooding: The camper is to remain at the campsite for the duration of the rental. Unless management deems it necessary to move the camper such as a hurricane or potential flooding. If we have to pickup camper early or cancel your rental due to a hurricane or potential flooding you will be refunded for the remaining days within 21 days of cancellation.


Rental Period?

There is a two‐night minimum on all rentals. You can rent for 1 day but will be charged for 2 days. Our website is set up for Delivery time 2 PM on your scheduled date and Camper pick-up 10 am on your scheduled date. Delivery and pickup times may differ depending on campground or if arrangements have been made with the renter. Please remember that other guests may be waiting for the vehicle so please be out on time.. Please text us if you are going to leave early. If you return the camper prior to the pick-up date of contract there will be no refund. We are on a tight schedule so please vacate the camper on time. 

Security Deposit?

There is a $300.00 security deposit that is due 2 weeks prior to your rental delivery date. Return of the security deposit will be within 7 days of your last rental day. This security deposit covers the cost in the event there are missing or damaged items inside or damages to the outside of the camper during your stay. If the cost of repair or missing items is more than the amount of the security deposit. Then you are responsible for the cost of repair above the amount of the security deposit.
If you are one of our trusted return customers. We may not require a $300.00 security deposit at the time of delivery. You are still responsible for the cost of repair and or replacement of missing or damaged items. Cost for these items must pay on demand.


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